Angad Singh's common app short activity essay on setting up the Peace Initiative - a student org at The British School, New Delhi.

Angad touched upon his work on a sensitive yet extremely pertinent topic- terrorism. He gave an overview of his contributions towards expanding peace. The fact that his efforts were lauded by the Dalai Lama looks extremely impressive. 

Preet Angad Singh Stanford'14 ED

Setting up the Peace Initiative at school has been a fulfilling leadership experience for me. Inspired to promote peace after the harrowing Mumbai terrorist attacks in November 2008, I identified ways to make this organization different. We focus on the impulsiveness that comes with something as personal as peace, immersing people in creative environments and allowing them to follow their heart. We put together a Peace Book 'One World', which I edited, with creative contributions from students, teachers and parents. We organized several Peace Marches, including one with the international organization 'Drums for Peace'. I launched an initiative called 'Wear White Wednesdays', wherein students and teachers wear something white every Wednesday to show their belief in peace. Seeing our work, the office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama invited us for a private meeting with him. His tremendous inspiration and support for our Initiative formed an experience beyond words.