Interesting science centric essay questions to think about

Here is a list of six questions posed by the committee for the Kelvin Science Prize 2015. 

1. How has Astronomy benefited Society?

2. Suppose you could create a new chemical element. What physical and chemical properties would you ascribe to it, and what uses could this element be put to? Responses to this question should have a good essay structure, concise narrative, creative/novel ideas and be underpinned by sound scientific principles.

3. If you could take one item, which must fit in your pocket, back to the year 1800 with the goal of advancing science or medicine, what would it be and what would you do with it?

4. Is it more important to save tropical forests or the world's oceans? Why?

5. "How far is it to the moon?" This question may be unrelated to the moon. Read what it is really about here:

6. “Free health care at the point of delivery trivialises the service.” Discuss

We encourage our students to write their response and share their views during writing workshops organised at our office in New Delhi.

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