Conquering the rules of grammar

In the article, Kit Eaton deals with the problem of making grammatical mistakes. learning grammar is easier than ever, with the right apps like Practice English Grammar, Learn English Grammar, Grammar and Practice for Business from HarperCollins and Grammar Up from Webrich Software etc. For testing your grammatical skills on Android devices, one can take The English Grammar Test, among other apps. Kit Eaton feels that these apps are quite helpful.

Read an excerpt of the article written by Kit Eaton:

I’m going to be very careful writing this week’s column. I’m trying not to make any grammatical mistakes. Even though I’ve published millions of words, I’m certain some errors will slip through, because we’re all guilty of making grammatical mistakes from time to time. But learning grammar is easier than ever now — with the right apps, of course. And they are not just for people learning English; they’re also good for those of us who already speak it. The free app Practice English Grammar from Cleverlize is among the most polished and is easy to use for improving your grammar skills. It’s available for both iOS and Android and covers the whole gamut of grammatical details like conjunctions, tenses and using the passive voice. Its main interface is a pleasing graphical display of your progress in each of the various modules. Tapping on one of these modules takes you to a section where you can see the grammar lessons in the form of flashcards and then to a section where you can test your knowledge in an interactive quiz. The flashcards are easy to read, with the bare minimum of information you need to know. For example, did you know that the present continuous tense is formed with the help of the auxiliary verb ‘‘to be’’? Still, while the flashcards are easy to read, sometimes the information feels a little too spartan. The app is clean and professional with few frills, and I liked its no-nonsense style. I even learned a thing or two while reviewing it. But it can get costly. While the core app is free with basic lessons, you have to purchase more content in-app if you want access to every module. Individual modules cost $1, or you can subscribe for around $10 a month. Another option is the LearnEnglish Grammar app from the British Council. This app, too, has lessons covering different subjects and has sections to review and test your knowledge. more