EdGrad: Graduate Program

Guidance for Graduate School Applicants

Perhaps you’re nearing the end of your undergraduate career, or you’ve been in the workforce for a few years, and are now considering graduate study. EdBrand’s new service, EdGrad, helps you navigate the world of advanced education and professional degrees. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive collection of services, including:

Program search and selection. Tap into our knowledge bank of  programs and universities, across the UK and the US. Through one-on-one meetings, identify the programs that best suit your profile, interests, and goals.

CV development. EdBrand helps you ensure that your CV or resumé provides a concise yet compelling account of your experiences and readiness for graduate study. We also suggest ways to both broaden and deepen your experiences before applications are due.

Personal statement guidance. The personal statement is a central element of any graduate school application. It helps universities understand your intellectual motivations and research interests, it serves to contextualize your work and extracurricular experiences, and it enables universities to assess whether you’re a good fit for their program. EdGrad helps you craft the most compelling statement you’re capable of by:

i. meeting with you to identify your research or industry interests and relevant prior knowledge and experience, both in the classroom and the workplace.

ii. developing a detailed outline with you – what to include and where, as well as any additional research about programs that might be necessary.

iii. developing your statement. At EdBrand, we understand that it can take many iterations before you have your best possible statement, and we’re proud of the extensive, detailed and high-quality feedback we provide on students’ work.

Recommendation strategies.  We offer guidance on strategies to get the best possible recommendations from employers, managers, and professors. Recommenders often request candidates to provide them with a brief description of their accomplishments and interests. We work with you to develop what American universities call a ‘brag sheet’, consisting of personal qualities, academic or extracurricular achievements, and work or internship experience that will help your recommendation letters stand out from the crowd.

Interview prep. Meet with EdBrand mentors to outline interview strategies, talking points, any presentations you might have to make, and questions for your interviewers. You can also meet with EdBrand mentors to develop your interviewing skills in one-on-one mock interviews.

Our EdBrand Graduate have extensive experience with personal statements for graduate schools both in the US and the UK, and in areas of study ranging from medicine and neuroscience to business and policy. They themselves have been admitted to graduate programmes at the MSc, MPhil and PhD levels at leading universities in the US and the U.K.