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Talk by Priya Donti - Watson fellow and HMC alum and Shantanu Garg, CMC alum

Venue: EdBrand, 217 Munirka Vihar. Opp JNU

Time 4-6 pm

The speakers are:

Priya Donti - Watson fellow and recent CS graduate from Harvey Mudd College 

Shantanu Garg - J. Sexton Philosophy, Political Science and Economics - PPE Fellow and recent Claremont McKenna College graduate

Priya is currently pursuing research in the field of Smart Grids and will be travelling to 4 countries in the course of 12 months. She will be happy to share information about her work and interest in Computer Science.

Shantanu will focus both on the skills that a PPE student can master and the variety of career options that a PPE student can explore after graduation. 

Priya and Shantanu will also introduce the 5Cs consortium and benefits of being in such a diverse liberal arts college community.