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Invite: U.S College Admissions event at JW Marriott on 20 Oct 4:30 pm

Arjun Seth, Director EdBrand, and admissions officers from 3 highly selective U.S. liberal arts and science colleges will be available to meet with students and families in Chandigarh on Thursday 20 October.  

The college admissions process can be a maze. Attend this session to find out how this could in fact, turn out to be the most exciting time filled with opportunities for students. You will also learn how admissions committees at highly selective colleges make decisions. Topics that will be covered include:

 - Understanding 'right-fit'

 - The application process

 - Tips on what it takes to differentiate yourself as an applicant

 - Financial aid and merit-scholarships

Arjun has over 15 years of experience in working with high-school students. He has worked with over 1000 students and has offered them support for college admissions to highly selective institutions in the U.S.  

This exclusive small group event will be held at JW Marriott, Chandigarh on Thursday 20 October

Timing: 4:30 to 6:30 pm followed by one-on-one discussions.

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Arjun will be accompanied by representatives from Dickinson College, Mount Holyoke College and Union College.

The institutional profiles of the three schools and short bios of the college admissions officers is given below.

Dickinson College (

Dickinson College is a nationally recognized liberal-arts institution chartered in 1783 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Devoted to its revolutionary roots, the college maintains the mission of founder Benjamin Rush—to provide a useful education in the liberal arts and sciences. The college boasts a global perspective, and more than half of Dickinson’s students study abroad in more than 40 programs in 24 countries on six continents. The college also is recognized as a leader among educational institutions committed to environmental sustainability. Dickinson has a robust academic program, offering 42 majors plus minors and certificate programs, self-developed majors, independent research and internships, it’s number one major is International Business and Management. 63 percent of Dickinson’s students receive merit or need – based financial aid

Brian Atkins, Dickinson College

Director of International Admissions

Brian has been in education his entire life. For the first ten years of his career he was a biology and chemistry teacher before moving on to being a school principal. In his role as a school principal he worked in two schools in the United States before moving overseas to be the principal of a number of international high schools. He has worked in Peru, China, Malaysia and The Netherlands and very much enjoyed his life in those countries. Since returning to the United States he has worked in college admissions for seven years and remains excited to continue his connections with students from all over the world.

Mount Holyoke College (

Mount Holyoke is the oldest college for women in the United States. Founded in 1837, it is one of America's premier liberal arts colleges, offering majors in 51 academic disciplines and launching graduates into fields as diverse as law, medicine, business, scientific research, education and nonprofits. Mount Holyoke's 2200 undergraduate students can choose from over 5000 courses as a member of the Five College Consortium, a network that includes Amherst College, Hampshire College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. This consortium provides innumerable academic, cultural and social opportunities to students in the 10 kilometer radius of the five colleges. In addition, Mount Holyoke has an incredibly loyal and dedicated global alumnae network who offer a vast array of internship opportunities to current students and to provide career networking support. Finally, Mount Holyoke is one of the most diverse colleges in the United States with non-US citizens comprising over 25% of the student body, many of whom are awarded need-based financial aid and/or academic scholarships.

Amy E. Markham, Mount Holyoke College

Associate Dean of Admission

Amy has worked in college admission for over 30 years, primarily at liberal arts colleges. Amy holds a bachelors degree in political science and psychology and a Masters degree in higher administration and counseling. She has been involved in the recruitment of students on five different continents and has a passion for introducing international students to the advantages of a small liberal arts college for women. She has traveled in India for over 15 years and loves trying new foods in her travels.

Union College (

Union College is a small liberal arts college committed to integrating the humanities and social sciences with science and engineering in new and exciting ways. Union's rigorous academics take place in a diverse, welcoming campus environment that supports personal growth in students, provides them with a wealth of opportunities to find and pursue their passions, and inspires you to engage with the local Schenectady, New York community and support global causes through meaningful projects and volunteer work.

Nicole Buenzli, Union College

Director of International Admissions

Nicole Buenzli joined Union College this year after 10 years as the Director of International Admissions at Lawrence University. Union has a robust community of international students and are excited to see that community grow. As the Director of International Admissions Nicole oversee all of our recruitment and admissions decisions.