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Makers workshop for techies and non-techies

How do you go about making a talking computer? An automated, smart home? A gesture controlled rover?

These seem like complicated engineering projects: They are not. In a workshop conducted by Gautam Kumar - a Harvard College graduate, we'll be reviewing the following:
1. the framework of breaking down complicated problems into solvable ones
2. the tools available to solve these problems, and
3. observing a hands-on demonstration to start building a smart home. 

Students do not need prior experience in coding or engineering. Increasingly, there are two types of engineers in the worlds: those who create their own technologies ground-up, and those who stitch together existing technologies to make a new project. We will introduce you to the second path, and start you on your journey to make fun, interesting projects. 

Short bio:
Gautam Kumar has studied Applied Mathematics at Harvard College and graduated in 2013 and was the Associate Managing Editor of the Harvard Crimson. He currently runs Yobi Technology and also works as a mentor to students at Edbrand.

Sunday 18 Dec, 3-5 pm
Venue: EdBrand Crosspoint DLF IV, Gurgaon 122009

Email: to register.