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Careers and Majors – A series of talks by mentors from EdBrand – 4th to 9th January 2017

Given below, are short summaries of a few talks and bios of the speakers participating in this series. All sessions will be held at our office in Gurgaon. #301 Crosspoint, DLF IV. Timing 4 to 6 pm

4 January Session I - Introduction to Political Science, by Radha Sarkar, Princeton University, U.S.A.

What is political science? Is it only about elections, votes, and political parties? Or can it be broader - can it include the study of ethnic conflict and nationalism, terrorism and rebel groups, social movements and democracy, revolutions and social transformation? In this workshop, we'll discuss some of the questions political scientists ask, and we'll try to analyse several contemporary issues using political science frameworks. 

Speaker: Radha Sarkar graduated with a B.A. from Princeton University, with high honours, where she studied political science and Latin American studies. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in comparative politics at the London School of Economics.

5 January Session II - Understanding schizophrenia and psychosis, by Amar Sarkar, Oxford University U.K.

What is schizophrenia? What is psychosis? These are commonly used terms, but it seems that many are unaware of they are, what their symptoms are, and how they are understood in psychological and therapeutic terms. This talk will provide an overview of how schizophrenia affects the human mind, what the common symptoms are (e.g., hallucinations and delusions), and how it is being studied by researchers currently, and also how different cultures may understand schizophrenia. 

Speaker: Amar Sarkar graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 with a master's degree (distinction) in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Since then he has been a researcher in the Cohen Kadosh group at Oxford, studying electrical brain stimulation and hormones. 

6 January Session III - History, Mathematics and Data Science, by Rajat Philip, St. Stephen's College

When it comes to starting a research paper or a project, what is more important - a great idea or a stupid question? This talk will look into how projects in Mathematics, History and Data Science begin. Participants will be taken through the life-cycle of a project idea, be it sentiment analysis of Donald Trump's tweets or demonetisation in the Tughlaq period. At the end of the session, participants will be free to stay back and discuss how to embark upon a project or paper in either of the three fields.

Speaker: Rajat Philip graduated from St. Stephen's College in 2015 with a bachelor's degree (honours) in Mathematics. Since then, he has been working with many EdBrand students on projects related to Computer Science and Mathematics.

7 January Session IV - Introduction to Storytelling, by Vidyun Sabhaney, Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology

Our engagement with narrative and stories is constant, and in today's information society they are shaping our lives more deeply than ever before. With this in mind. Vidyun will be showing a series of short talks, films and animations that cover aspects of storytelling, and are themselves examples of storytelling. It will also cover what it means to be a storyteller in contemporary society. What is their role? This will be of interest to students who are interested in working in the arts, film making, animation, illustration, design, visualizing, graphic journalism and such that. 

Speaker: Vidyun Sabhaney is a writer primarily interested in comics and visual narrative, based in New Delhi. Her independent work has been published by Penguin India, Blaft Publications Pvt. Ltd., Zubaan and COMIX.INDIA. She runs Captain Bijli Comics, an independent comics publishing project which aims to develop new content, distribution and dialogue around the form – thus far it has produced two books independently, and a collection of non-fiction comics titled First Hand: Graphic Non Fiction from India in May 2016, in collaboration with publisher Yoda Press. She graduated from Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in 2013. She works as a mentor to students at Edbrand.

8 January Session V – Active Citizenship and Policymaking by Aparajita Bharti and Rohit Kumar, Oxford University and Harvard University respectively.

Do you think surge pricing should be allowed on Uber/Ola taxis? Do you feel commercial surrogacy should be allowed in India? Have you wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of government, when such policies are made? Public Policy is a field of study that affects every one of us and is at the confluence of economics, philosophy, sociology, political science and increasingly technology. 

The speakers will explore some topics within the realm of policy, public leadership and social change. Students attending this session will get a sneak peek into the policy-making process in India and be exposed to some interesting policy debates. Many of these ideas can be applied to on-going student projects and also college essays. Public Policy is a very relevant subject, regardless of intended major or area of interest. 

Speakers: Aparajita Bharti and Rohit are Oxford and Harvard trained policy professionals and founders of Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC). 

There will be two more sessions that will be announced. 

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