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Design Thinking Workshop 9-13 Jan


What is Design Thinking?
Design Thinking is a learning method that develops a child's creative confidence and resilience that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of 21st century. It is a structured process that is used by the biggest inventors and innovative companies in the world.

Why must your child learn it?
Most educational systems were founded in a time when “learning” meant “rote memorization.” Today, however, we live in a fast changing world in which success demands creativity and innovation instead. Unfortunately, most schools today do not focus on developing either.

Design Thinking prepares children to start thinking like problem solvers and realize that they have power to change the world. It starts with 'empathy' an important skill that promotes emotional literacy in a child and bring lifelong benefits. Children learn to work with others and to see failure as a part of learning experience.

Start the new year by learning how the biggest and best in the world innovate!

Join our 5 day hands-on Design Thinking Workshop

// DATE January 9-13, 2017

// TIMING 3-5 pm for 9-12 yr olds

// COURSE FEE Rs 6500/- Pay by cheque at Intellitots or online at this link. Participants need to bring their own laptop, notebook and pen.

Venue: Intellitots, Gurgaon Sector 57. Ages 13-18 yr old.

Call 9810247894 or 9830105231 for enquires. Fill up the form if you are interested to know more.

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