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Inspire-ED Series

Delhi and its surrounding regions – the NCR – will not be an entity that the legendary Urdu poet Mir Taki Mir would still recognize. But it continues to inspire poets and writers, who never cease to discover a unique niche that has hitherto never been stumbled upon, or caste into poetry something new and beautiful. It also inspires the layman, the student, the professional and the aspiring. Every day, thousands of families throng to this city with hopes and aspirations to break the cycle of poverty that they left behind in their villages. The region is a hub of diversity. Gurgaon is an oasis of tall, imposing sky-scrapers and broad roads while the winding alleys of Chandni Chowk and Matia Mahal offer the same delicacies that Ghalib once wrote about.

In the midst of all these problems, the citizens of the city are collectivizing to take control of the capital they love so much. Environmental collectives, citizen policing, urban farms, and other civil society ventures are abound and litter the city’s landscape. With little or no financial incentive, people from the NCT are working to make the air cleaner, waste better managed, our landscapes greener and out streets safe, not to mention water harvesting and so many other initiatives.

Inspire-ED series owes its creation to active citizenry. This series seeks to introduce the youth of the city to some of the city’s most pressing challenges and to harness their energy and creativity in enabling impactful change.

We will be measuring carbon footprint, helping rejuvenate Gurgaon’s biodiversity, farming organic produce, trying to conserve our heritage and monuments, and working on understanding crimes in the city among others.  

Date: 23rd March

Time - 4 to 6 pm

Venue: 301, DLF Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon