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Invitation to Rohan Nagpal's Workshop on Programming & Randomness

It is our pleasure to invite you to a workshop on Object-Oriented Programming and Randomness.


Over four hours on Sunday, the 15th of July, we will go over an introduction to ProcessingJS, the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming pertinent to the workshop material, and an introduction to the concept of randomness. We will put all of these together to implement simulations of various kinds of one and two-dimensional random walks, and if time permits move on to a more organic application of randomness, Perlin Noise.


The concept of a random walk has myriad applications: ascertaining the probability of a team/individual winning a tournament, the price of a stock over time, funds at the disposal of a gambler, and paths of molecules travelling through liquids and gases. That being said, the best way to see how the concept is applicable to various processes is to write simulations. This workshop is a primer to doing just that.


Note: This workshop is for students only. Students who are curious to know more about programming and haven't had much experience with it are welcome to join. We are keeping the prerequisite knowledge for the workshop to the bare minimum.


About the Speaker


Rohan Nagpal is a recent graduate of Harvey Mudd College with a deep interest in entrepreneurship and technology. Having interned at upcoming startups in Silicon Valley, he has gained valuable insights into both of those fields.


Details of the workshop


Date: Sunday, 15th July 2018

Venue: EdBrand Gurgaon, 301, DLF Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase-IV, Gurgaon

Timings: 2 PM to 6 PM

What to Bring: Make sure to get a fully charged laptop with WiFi access


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