Vedika Patwari (Princeton University, '21)

Vedika is an EdBrand student ('17), who is currently pursuing a Major in Computer Science at Princeton University ('21). This summer, she worked at SocialCops, a data intelligence company.

In our conversation with her, Vedika recalled her intellectual journey to Princeton. She gave us a peek into her academic and student life at the University and outlined her future aspirations beyond college.

Tune in below to find out what makes Vedika Patwari tick and more such gems from her personal philosophy.

Rapid Fire Questions

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Full Conversation

Uploaded by EdBrand Conversations on 2018-08-13.

0:00 -2:30 - Internship Experience

2:30 - 4:00 - How she got into Princeton

4:00 - 15:15 -  Application Process ( Her Profile, Interview, Essay and other Tips) 

15:15 - 20:16 -  Experience at Princeton

20:16 - 26:00 - Social Experience In College 

26:00 - 27:50 - Goals for coming year

27:50 - 33:46 - Rapid Fire