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We are an education consultancy based in New Delhi and Kolkata committed to preparing high school students for college.

Our primary objective is to mentor you through the college application process, giving you active, tailored feedback, ensuring you present your best personal brand.  Our secondary objective is to supplement your high school curriculum to ensure you're not only prepared to handle the intellectual rigors of college, but also to address local issues in your community. We do this through leading workshops, providing students mentorship for projects, and exposing students to exciting new research and technologies. 

College admissions can be fun and your interactions with our coaches will always be informative and engaging. Our workshops on innovation, urbanism, social entrepreneurship, wellbeing and sustainability will challenge you to think of your role as a future citizen of a fast changing and inter-connected world. Along the way, you will learn how to build your narrative and be a successful college bound student.

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We care about making the college admission process an educational journey for our students. Get to know more about our team of dedicated education counselors, our vision, and our methods over the past two decades of college admissions counseling.

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We want to get to know you by conducting meaningful one-on-one sessions and customised workshops that help you succeed and get more out of your high-school and college experience. Meet Arjun Seth (Founder - Edbrand) for an initial consultation session.

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EdBrand Conversations seeks to provide a forum for all our students and alumni. You can take a peek into lives of those at leading universities and learn from their engrossing journeys to self actualization. This we are doing with the hope that their stories and world-views can positively influence the rest of us.

Anant Ahuja, UPenn (CEO & Co-Founder, Good Business Lab) - Watch episode

Ketaki Madaan, Pitzer College 2019 (Filmmaking major) - Watch episode

Conversation with Vedika Patwari, Princeton University 2021

Here is one such talk recorded at our office in Gurgaon, India. Vedika Patwari is currently pursuing Computer Science at Princeton University, NJ. This summer she has been working at SocialCops, a data intelligence company in New Delhi. In this conversation we discussed Vedika's intellectual journey and took a peek into student and academic life at Princeton university.

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Edbrand Ambassadors Pay it forward

Endearing relationships are a cornerstone of our work. Watch this video of Edbrand’s college admissions send-off event held in June. Our students speak about their college admissions and college readiness experience at this alumni and pre-frosh meetup.


Check out projects our students completed with Kid Powered Media, Auroville Green Practices and Yobi Tech.  Filming of Mad About Khan. Our students use India's first media lab to bring about community change. Camp Auroville. Participants used Auroville (an international township near Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu) as a campus and its outstanding experience in sustainable living as a curriculum for learning and personal growth. EdBrand students also work with Yobi Tech, a start-up that creates data analytical tools for farmers to increase and stabilize their incomes. They are working on its climate prediction models, which is at the core of the company's mission, as well as experimenting with autonomous 'quadcopters' and virtual reality applications for farmers. 

Tech readiness @ Edbrand.

Our team of mentors help students develop inter-disciplinary STEM projects that demonstrate skill at a high level. For instance we recently concluded a 3-part workshop on Object-Oriented Programming and Randomness. The concept of a random walk has myriad applications: ascertaining the probability of a team/individual winning a tournament, the price of a stock over time, funds at the disposal of a gambler, and paths of molecules traveling through liquids and gases. That being said, the best way to see how the concept is applicable to various processes is to write simulations. This workshop is a primer to doing just that. To know more about such programs email us at



Our flagship workshops - Inspiring Delhi and Inspiring Kolkata - encourage students to engage in their city, understand its social issues, and execute real programs to address some of the problems they identify with. Through curated, team exercises, students get to know their city. In addition to the exercises, students participate in reading group discussions, to frame what they learn. Under supervision of professionals, students create and implement a plan to address a local, social issue. By thinking through these issues, students not only grow intellectually, ethically, and philosophically, but they understand how they can think deeply about things they thought they knew well. 

Edbridge is a co-learning space that promotes understanding, and inspires personal and professional growth in young people. We are dedicated to help you understand the complexity of the world you live in and encourage you to take the responsibility of creatively shaping the future.