Anant Ahuja (CEO & Co-Founder, Good Business Lab)

Anant did his graduation in Political Science from University of Pennsylvania. Currently he is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Good Business Lab, which focuses on female worker welfare. Anant also leads the organisational development team at Shahi, an apparel export company based in India. In his free time, Anant (Ase) is a producer, DJ and member of the music collective known as MadStarBase.

In this talk we discussed Anant's intellectual evolution, his passion to create a positive impact and to address business challenges around worker welfare and sustainability.  We also focused on Anant's leadership challenges, his morning routine that makes him productive, his experiments with food and breathing, and his philosophy of life that makes him tick.


Rapid Fire Questions

Get a quick and fun insight into Anant's life philosophy. 

Productivity Hacks

Learn how Anant gets things done.


Full Conversation

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0:00 - 2:25 - Introduction of Edbrand Conversations and Mr. Anant Ahuja.
2:25 - 16:49 - Journey and Purpose.
16:49 - 24:38 - Positive Impact.
24:38 - 28:14 - Is there something that overwhelms you?
28:14 - 39:10 - Biggest failure.
39:10 - 46:33 - Productivity Hacks.
46:33 - 55:22 - Rapid Fire.
55:22 - 58:22 - Motive behind Edbrand Conversations.
58:22 - 59:50 - Discussion about Culture of Places.
59:50 - 1:13:51 - Q&A.