Damini Marwaha (CMC '14) shares her CommonApp activity short answer

Damini wrote two activity answers one was on her volunteer work in school and the second was on gymnastics. She chose to submit the one on Gymnastics. See below:

"When my parents enrolled me in the program in school I had no idea what gymnastics meant. Little did I know that balancing on beams, doing cartwheels and handstands that other kids struggled with, came to me with effortless ease and became the sport that I enjoyed the most. My love for the sport grew even more after I saw the Olympics on TV and saw people doing things that I thought were impossible. Gymnastics instilled in me discipline, determination and rigor and gave me the ability to concentrate and focus at will. I still enjoy all my routines and love being asked to judge competitions in school. Pushing the limits of my own body and seeing it gain in strength and flexibility has been exhilarating, very little seems impossible after this."

When I had to initially write my activity answer I wrote it on the volunteer work that I did after school however after giving it more thought I realized that a lot of kids would probably write on volunteer work and hence I decided to use Gymnastics as the theme for my activity essay. The other activities that I did in high school that I could have written about were as I mentioned my volunteer work or tennis. The part that I like the most about my short answer is it's topic as I feel Gymnastics is a slightly unusual activity to participate in especially in India. I also like the fact that my essay is clear-cut, concise and to the point.