We're a group of counsellors who make you work hard and pack a serious punch

Our clients know it’s not anyone else’s responsibility but theirs to succeed in the college and university admissions process. They also know doing it alone isn’t realistic; after all, they are applying to colleges abroad for the first time. That’s where we come in. We create a close bond and get to know you well. Our team of college admissions counselors work with you to take ownership of the process, develop intellectual curiosity, train you to highlight your uniqueness in applications, and prepare you for a lifetime of learning.


Arjun Seth started EdBrand in 1997. As a mentor to high school and college students Arjun supports his clients take ownership of their academic and extra-curricular goals and thus be ready to get the best out of their college experience. He has visited over 200 colleges in the US and several others in Europe and South East Asia. He readily shares insights about right-fit with families and loves connecting high-school students with those in college. Other than offering one-on-one counseling sessions to students, Arjun has designed trans-disciplinary programs centered on urbanism, social entrepreneurship and ecological stewardship set in New Delhi, Kolkata and Auroville (Pondicherry). Arjun also develops, oversees and constantly improves on the skills of the excellent coaches who work in New Delhi and Singapore. 

Sonia works one-on-one with high school students to identify their strengths and their right-fit college. While guiding students through the application process Sonia helps them explore their options using Edbrand’s wealth of resources. Sonia has studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and has a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College. She has worked at Oracle Corporation, IBM and AT&T in the US. As a lover of languages she has taught German at the Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi and is interested in travelling off the beaten path.


Shantanu Garg is a recent graduate of Claremont McKenna College (CMC), who majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) with a Leadership Sequence. Before joining EdBrand, Shantanu worked for Cornerstone Research, a litigation consulting firm in the US. He has also had different work experiences in the not for profit sector and the business start-up world. 

Using these diverse experiences, Shantanu helps students reflect on the different questions that confront them during their application process. Such questions usually pertain to college fit, academic choices, post college plans and essay writing. Shantanu hopes to be a resource and a guide for his students, ensuring a more fulfilling college experience for them. 

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Nupur Goyal spent twelve years working at colleges and universities in the United States (NYU, NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, College of Wooster, and Virginia Tech) in various Student Affairs roles, involving Housing, Admissions, Academic Advising, Career Services, Study Abroad etc. 

Recently, she has taught graduate-level courses in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Master's program at NYU. She has a PhD. in Higher and Postsecondary Education from New York University and is currently working on publishing articles and books on topics related to international student development, student engagement, career development, leadership and mentorship. At Edbrand she is working as a mentor to students applying to graduate programs.

Edbrand Ambassadors

Vedika Patwari, Anant Ahuja and Ketaki Madaan

Vedika Patwari, Anant Ahuja and Ketaki Madaan

One of our primary goals at Edbrand has been to engage deeply with our students to explore and discover their passions. Conversations have been the cornerstone of our mentoring work. We strongly believe that engaging conversations can be both fun and a fulfilling learning experience that can help discover our passions and interests.

Continuing with this philosophy, EdBrand Conversations seeks to provide a forum for such engaging discourse for all our students including alumni. We continue our conversations with passionate individuals who are cultivating/have cultivated their interests and are taking/ have taken engrossing journeys to self actualization. This we are doing with the hope that their stories and world-views can positively influence the rest of us and seek mentors from our ambassadors network.

Our past Edbrand Ambassadors include:

Gautam Kumar, Harvard 2013 (Edbrand and CEO Yobi Tech) - Watch episode

Vedika Patwari, Princeton 2021 (CS major) - Watch episode

Ketaki Madaan, Pitzer College 2019 (Filmmaking major) - Watch episode

Anant Ahuja, UPenn (CEO & Co-Founder, Good Business Lab) - Watch episode