Spirit of Community Awards - application questions

The Pramerica Spirit of Community Award is a school-level recognition for volunteer community service. The application is now online and you can download it at http://www.spiritofcommunityindia.com/howtoapply.html

You can submit the form online or mail to:

The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards

F-18, 2nd Floor, Okhla Industrial Area Phase I

New Delhi – 110020

E-mail: awards@dlfpramericalife.com

Here are the prompts for writing samples that applicants are required to submit.

Short answers:

1. What was your volunteer community service activity? (in 100 words or less)

2. How did you become involved in this activity and what role did you play? (in 150 words or less)

3. How did your project impact others? (in 100 words or less)


1. Inspiration: Explain what motivated you to do your volunteer work in 500 words or less. How did you come up with the idea for your activity? Who or what inspired you to get involved? How did your volunteer activity begin? Why did you feel it was important?

2. Effort: Explain the effort required to do your volunteer work in 500 words or less. What exactly did you do, and how did you do it? What steps did you have to take to accomplish your goal? Did you recruit others to help, or work with any local or national organisations? What was the most difficult part of your project? Did you have to overcome significant obstacles? What support or help did you get from others?

3. Impact: Describe what your volunteer activity accomplished in 500 words or less. Who benefited, and how? How many people were involved or directly affected? Was there a lasting impact of the volunteer activity? Will your project continue in the future?

4. Personal Growth: Describe what you, yourself, got out of your volunteer work in 500 words or less. What did you learn from your experience? Did you acquire any new skills? What was the most memorable part of this activity? Can you recall a specific incident that made you feel particularly good about volunteering? What would you tell other young people about your experience?

5. Commitment: Describe your involvement with volunteer activity in 500 words or less. How much time did you spend on it? Were you involved in it for a long stretch or was it an one-off initiative? What personal sacrifice did you have to make to achieve your goals for this project?