Siddharth Sastri's (Brown University, RI) response to survey questions on right-fit

1. How important do you consider rankings while evaluating schools? How have your perceptions changed about this now?

I looked at rankings as a benchmark when I was applying. I didn't go exactly by them but it was useful to know the relative comparisons between multiple colleges. I feel that whether a college is good for you is a very personal fact, but in the absence of close contact rankings are a good benchmark to have.
2. Did the geographic location (NE, Mid West, West , South)  and setting (urban, rural, suburban, college town) of your college impact your overall assessment of your college experience? Did you think about this when applying? How did your perception change with time?

I was sure I wanted to be in the NE or California. Mainly because of the fact that I'd have a lot of family around me. Also, coming from Delhi, I realized that a rural environment wouldn't suit me much but I was okay with anything else.

3. Did you consider size (student population) as an important criteria while choosing schools? What do you think is a size that is ideal for you? Why?

Yes, I did consider size as an important factor- the smaller, the better. Now however, I feel that Brown is small enough and in a smaller college I might have felt a tad claustrophobic.

The size differed greatly. My intro Econ class had 500 students while my Intro English class had 13. I wish that some of my Econ classes were smaller. Other than that I haven't minded large classes. There's usually a smaller recitation section where you have a lot of interaction with a Teaching Assistant which is great

5. What is your current major interest? Did this change over time? Explain if it did? Do you think that the courses you took to fulfil general education requirements were good? What would you change about the choices you made?

Applied Math- Economics. It's broadly what I wanted to do when I first joined as well. I've explored a few classes in other fields and still plan to do so. I loved some of these classes. Since Brown has no core courses, I haven't had to do any Gen Ed requirements.

6. Was the ratio of international students/total population an important criteria in your selection of schools? Did you feel trapped in any sort of bubble or clique? Did your perceptions about diversity change while you were in college?

The ratio wasn't such an important aspect for me. Probably because all the schools I was looking at had a sizable international population. In the beginning all the people I met were internationals (because of orientation) but over time I became friends with a lot of Americans as well.

7. Can you comment an the overall personality of the student body? What aspects of this did you like/dislike?

I love the student body here. It's relatively laid back, but everyone's really smart, hardworking and good at what they do so it keeps you on your toes without pressuring you.