Five excuses for not writing your college essays

1. Writing personal essays for college admissions is difficult because I don’t know what admissions officers want to read? It’s not like academic writing I do in high school where I know what teachers expect. Can anyone tell me what admissions people want before I start writing.

2. I’ll wait for my older sister/brother in college to help me with writing? She/He’s going to be here this summer, I promise it’ll all be done in one night if I have her/him around.

3 I have writer’s block (whatever that means).

4. I don’t have anything interesting to write about. My life has been so normal.

5. I’ll apply to schools that don’t care about personal essays.

Take a break. Go have lunch or find something else to do before you sit down to write. Your creative genie will emerge for sure!

More about the genie. Did you know each one of us has this genie that fires up our imagination when we set out to do something that is important. I watched Elizabeth Gilbert speak on TED and I think you should too. Follow this link on YouTube