Shantanu Garg's essay on his reforms as a PT leader.

Shantanu’s essay showcases his passion for sports, his ability to take successful risks, and his exceptional leadership qualities. Thus, he stands out as an ideal candidate for a university.


 Shantanu Garg CMC'14, Vassar, Carleton

For 75 years students at Doon have been waking up at 6:00 am everyday for Physical Training, a prestigious tradition, practicing rigorous drills in search of perfection, while wishing for 1 more hour of sleep.  We had not won in 15 years, but I, as a PT leader of Jaipur House, was determined to change that.


So I designed a non-traditional formation. Not only did I change the exercises, but also the various technical structures to create an outline of an eagle’s wing (the symbol of our House). I remember our PT in-charge's words – "Shantanu, this will never work, it is too risky."  But the risk paid off. The judges were mesmerized by our performance and we won all the trophies that day.