Devrath Bhartia's roommate essay!



I am Devvrath Bhartia, your new roommate. Do call me Dev, most of my friends do.

I have much I want to share with you. I’ll start by telling you a bit about myself.

I am a pretty much the guy next door. I enjoy hanging around with friends and eating at McDonalds (just imagine!). I am basically a sports person and try my hand at most games. I look forward to skiing on the slopes of Vermont and New Hampshire. The last time I skied was at a camp in Switzerland, it was a real fun experience. I also like watching a game of football or baseball, with a large helping of my favorite popcorn. I am a total soccer buff. I eat, sleep and drink soccer. I idolize Ronaldo, and my bag, books and many of my shirts have Manchester United logos on them. I hope you like Man U as well, or at least don’t dislike them!

Having grown up at boarding school my friends have become almost like family; my friendships are very dear to me. I am helpful, kind, generous and friendly. Sometimes, though, I do get upset but I tend to get over it very quickly. Though, I have to tell you - my modesty did take a hit when I passed my slam book around on the last day of school. I got some rather interesting entries!

One friend wrote,’ He is a Joey kind of guy.’ Hmm.. At times I did relate to Chandler, but Joey? He said he saw in me the same funny, friendly, innocent and at times childish characteristics.

Another comment went, “At times, I feel like punching him, who wouldn’t considering he told my parents that I overspent my allowance buying the ridiculously expensive GTA IV for my play station. At other times, I just adore him especially when he gave me a friendship card that read ‘I may not be your ideal best mate. but yes, I am always your Archie just as you are my Jughead. I have never hated loving a guy so much.”

Apart from the traditional values I have imbibed from being part of an Indian family, I have learned from watching my parents how hard work and determination are instrumental in achieving success. I have inherited a passion for real estate from my family and am a complete business geek: Babson seems to be a haven for us. Even as a kid, I loved going to the building site, wearing the bright yellow workers’ helmet and poring over my father’s complex drawings. It fascinates me to see, how in one year, a completely barren and empty land, can transform into a lifestyle for many. I wish to expand my family’s real estate business into a multi-national realty development corporation and to lead an organization which aims at financial as well as philanthropic fulfillment.

I love the way a college guide described the most competitive sport in Babson as ‘making money!’ I doubt whether anywhere else in the world I would get school funding to start my business in the first year, or hone my stock picking skills by managing part of the college’s endowment. Babson seems to be the ideal place to nurture my dreams.  It has the dual advantage of possessing vast resources and the learning environment of a small college. I appreciate the way Babson does not have teaching assistants and all classes are conducted by Professors. I believe that education is not the mere learning of facts and figures but a means to open our minds to the various possibilities that exist for us and to further our personal growth. The fact that Babson is a business school, yet half the classes are in the liberal arts is testimony to its emphasis on all round development. To top it all, Babson prioritizes practical education. It is a fascinating mix of factors, the academics, the diversity, the campus, the location and most importantly the atmosphere conducive to my personal and intellectual growth which made Babson the ideal choice for me.

I look forward to four years of hard work, fun and friends. I can assure you of four years of memories, experiences and unforgettable moments, some funny, some serious, some happy and some sad, but each one, memorable..

I look forward to hearing from you soon.