Aditya Kumar's essay on his work at Indian Spinal Injuries Institute

Aditya showcased both his sensitivity and his interest in medicine through his essay. He wrote about the patience required to document the children’s stories as well as the wider impacts of his research.

Aditya Kumar - Grinnell '14

I spent my summer holidays as a volunteer in the underprivileged wing at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre writing patient histories. My time there was spent talking to the patients (mainly children suffering from spinal injuries), documenting their injury conditions and recovery experiences. The PR team of the hospital sent proposals to prospective sponsors based on this research. Getting the children to talk about the sensitive topic of their injuries was difficult. This process of rapport building could take from an hour to a couple of days. Then I had to get down to the important job of collecting sensitive personal information from them in order for the hospital to find sponsors. I found this to be a challenging, but satisfying experience, as I knew that the conversations I documented would help the patients continue to receive treatment at the hospital and hopefully improve their condition.