Deepshekhar Gupta's common app short activity essay on photography.

Deepshekhar wrote about the way photography helps capture poignant scenes that are usually ignored as well as how to discern the stories behind every shot.  

Deepshekhar Gupta Cornell ’15 ED

Things are to me, not what they are to others. When I look about, I think about what is before me. Everything has a story behind it, everything has a purpose. The little sparrow that shakes itself dry off the water from the well behind my house, is not just about a bird washing itself. It is a picture portraying how animal has adapted its lifestyle to the nuances of the age of man. When I see the poor beggar boy running behind a car on the main road, I see that desperation to achieve something successful in the face of oppression and hardship. In the young athlete running laps on the nearby field, I see desire, passion, and the will to win. Through the camera lens, I see images. Being a photographer allows me to stop a moment when I see an image- enough time for my mind to register a message. The camera is my tool into the little things in life – the feelings, emotions, ideas that I hide behind the outer shell. It is my third eye and I see within.