Early Decision Admission Rates

According to recent articles in The Daily Pennsylvanian, early decision applicants will fill 54.4% of the Class of 2019 in Penn.

They go on to remark upon the fact that this is the second consecutive year that Penn has filled more than half of its batch through ED applicants.

With an admissions rate of 24% from its early decision applicants’ pool, there’s a slight decrease of 1.3 percentage points from last year’s admissions rate at Penn.

Looking at other peer institutions, Harvard’s early decision admissions rate dropped from 21.3 to 16.5 percent. While Brown University increased its admissions rate to 20 percent by 1.1, Dartmouth’s admissions rate decreased from 38.8 to 26 percent. Stanford is known to have accepted 10.2 percent of its early applicant pool, with a slight drop from the year before. MIT admitted 625 of its 6,519 early decision applicants for a 9.6% admissions rate. Princeton has accepted a fair amount of early decision applications for a 20 percent admissions rate.
Rounding up the tally is Yale with acceptance of 753 early decision applicants.

Look out for our coming articles on why or why not early decision may make perfect sense for you.