SAT Prep - 7 Apps to Help You Ace the SAT

As a school student just about to enter the 11th or 12th grade, thinking about applying for colleges abroad, you have probably had bunch of terms and conditions thrown about recklessly around you – you need to read this, you need to be able to do that and so on. If you’re applying to the U.S., you’ve been hearing a lot about the SAT, the ACT and perfect scores (2400 seems to sound better than 20/20 vision).

As part of an ongoing series aimed at helping you bridge the knowledge gap to “Ace the SAT”, as they say, we are going to be taking a look at putting technology to work for you. 
In this era of smartphones, it makes absolute sense to make your phone (yes, that font of unholy distractions) an integral part of your learning process.
Looking through the dozens of paid and free apps available on Android and iOS, here’s a list of seven apps you should have on your phone and why –

iPhone SAT Vocab Challenge by Modality – The Princeton Review

For those looking nervously at the SAT Writing or Critical Reading sections and at all the newspaper articles and editorials they are supposed to be reading, here’s an exciting way to improving your vocabulary.
Through four different timed games, it tests your knowledge of 250 commonly used SAT words – synonyms, antonyms, definitions, connotations and all.

The Official SAT Question of the Day – College Board

Well, there is not a need to say anything except that this is the official app, getting a question a day from each section to your phone straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth. How’s that for being productive every day?


Ranking in the top 20 of Education apps, for iPhone and iPad, this app prepares you for every section on the SAT with over 400 questions, step by step explanations and not to forget, detailed analytics. 

SAT Connect

There isn’t much to say on an app that offers 7 diagnostic tests, 4000 words, 1000 fully explained test questions end more except “ Get it now!”

Adapster: SAT Math by Empire Edge

Hailed by developers as the “next generation of study tools”, Adapster lives up to that fame remarkably, letting students create customized practice tests based on their needs.
The software makes note of errors and offers detailed instruction in problem concepts and tests them over and over.

Edupath SAT Prep & College Search

One of the most elegantly designed apps available, its UI keeps you engaged and keeps track of your study progress, sending you real time performance charts to allow you to choose which areas to focus on. It also doubles up a college search to help you find one that meets your needs.

Hangman Free HD

Did improving your vocabulary sound boring to you? Then you should give Hangman a spin. Also, the two person gameplay gives group study a whole new kick!