Topics for this years Royal Economic Society - Essay Competition

Entries to the Royal Economic Society essay competition for high school students this year saw an interesting range of writing samples. 

The essay topics were:
1. “Countries like Greece caused the Eurozone crisis by running up too much debt, so it is only fair that they should bear most of the burden of fixing it." Discuss. 
2. Should the Government support manufacturing? If so, how?
3. Should raising GDP be the primary objective of economic policy?
4. “The rising gap between rich and poor is not just bad for society, it is bad for growth." Discuss.
5. Should “fracking” be allowed? If so, who should benefit?
6. “It is immoral for the drug companies to charge large sums for drugs that are cheap to manufacture.” Discuss.
7. "High saving promotes faster growth. So having more savers in the global economy should be good for our long run prosperity."
8. “Does the economic case favour a new airport runway at Heathrow, Gatwick or elsewhere?”

We wish to encourage our students to apply their knowledge of economics and to participate in our upcoming fall workshops. You could read the 2015 winning entries and discuss this at our workshops.

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