Ishnoor Singh, Creating Affordable Home Automation Technology

When I think of home automation, I'm reminded of Tony Stark's house with light sensitive blinds, glass interface system, and an artificial intelligence bot running the whole show. However, when Ishnoor Singh thinks of home automation- he thinks of finding ways to improve the safety and accessibility of his grandparents. The 17 year old Gurgaon student found that most home automation systems are very expensive and embarked on creating his own system with the simple idea of controlling lights in the house. What started as a small home project became huge when he took to a crowdfunding website to fund some prototypes. He asked for 45,000 rupees but raised over 70,000 in ten days. Turns out there was a much larger demand for the invention that he had imagined! 

We are all very proud of Ishnoor and are excited for his prototypes to come to fruition. HIndustan Times featured him along with other young innovators. Here is the link.

Ishnoor was also facilitated by the Ashoka Youth Venture team recent.