3 Ways to Help your Teen Manage High School Stress

High school is a challenging and demanding time, and your child will experience a fair amount of stress. However, you can be a support system for your student as he or she deals will these challenges. Read on for three strategies for making sure your child’s stress doesn’t get the best of her.

1. Promote Balance

If your child is taking on too much, he or she could be hurting herself and her mental health. Remind her about the dangers of overcommitting; not only can she become overly stressed, but her academic life could suffer if she doesn’t pay attention to her well-being. Make sure your child is taking time for her health and wellness.

2. Be Proactive About Your Child’s College Search

When your child is a freshman, start thinking about college selection research. It’s not too early to be thinking about what kind of college your child might want to attend in four years. As a tenth or eleventh grader, she should be researching colleges and formulating her college list. Developing a strategy early can reduce stress later on.

3. Take Advantage of Summer

Colleges want to see students being productive during summers. Discuss summer programs, jobs, volunteering, and other ideas for how your child can spend summers productively. Check out 3 things you should be doing this summer for more ideas. Start planning early in the year to avoid having to scramble at the last minute; many programs, for instance, require students to apply in the winter to consider applications

Final Thoughts

Be supportive and step in when your child seems overwhelmed. Even if your student doesn’t ask for help, make it clear that you're there to support and help her through any issues that arise. If the stress seems too difficult for you and your child to figure out together, consider other resources, such as your child’s guidance counselor or a mental health professional.