How to Win at Homework

Homework is something that doesn't go away when you're in college so it's a good idea to understand how you can be effective while homeworking. One good solution could be to do homework with classmates and friends. According to recent research, students who collaborate with classmates on assignments and group projects develop better decision-making skills than those working solo. This means that not only does studying suddenly become less awful when you’re surrounded by friends, but learning stuff alongside others can actually boost your GPA. 

But with little time to actually study and commute to friends, some people are taking to social media to study. Reddit is filled with threads for almost every single thing you’d ever study, from Econ to English. And thanks to video chats and document sharing, Google+ is another surprisingly great tool to get stuff done in groups. Not to forget online study sites such as khan academy. 

It’s easy to blame the internet as a homework distraction, but very real evidence shows that social networks can help you learn. A study from Baylor University found that students who participated in a closed Facebook group of 15,000 classmates actually benefitted (and so did their grades). This isn't an excuse to spend all night on Messenger instead of with your bio textbook, but school-specific social networks can help you finish your work faster. In short, its about time you studied with other people either in person on virtually!