Pratik Jain (Drexel University ´17) is frank about the mistakes he made during the application process


What advice would you give future applicants?

My mistake was that I never concentrated on school studies. After I received rejection letters from a couple of colleges with the reason being my low school GPA, I realized where I had slipped up. So future applicants, never neglect your school exams. They are very important.

What did you find most challenging about the college app process?

The most challenging part about the application process was the common app essays. One has to put a lot of thought into the topic which reflects one´s personal qualities the best and which can get one into the college.

What was your SAT and Subject Tests prep strategy?

My SATs were not that great. But I can give one important tip. Concentrate on your weak point. I loved SAT Math and for my first attempt I neglected CR. That was my mistake. So nothing like a strategy - just concentrate more on the subject which you find the toughest.

How did your college list change over time?

Well I had a month to decide my college list since I decided pretty late that I wanted to study abroad. And with the December scores yet to come, I could not apply to many colleges, but I am satisfied with the one I got into.

What are you looking forward to the most in college?

The Co-ops. Drexel is well known for its co-op programs and its advanced studies, so that is what excites me. And adding to it is the amazing campus and the numerous sports opportunity it offers.

What major/s are you considering?

I am doing BScBA. It is the Bachelors of Science Business Administration. This is the only major I have selected till now and I might select another after going there.

What excites you about the courses you'll sign up for?

Well, like I said, Drexel offers advanced studies and most importantly practical studies, so I am really looking forward to these new opportunities.

What are your plans for summer?

I am trying to find an internship. I have joined some courses and presently working in my dad's office.