Saisha Srivastava (Vassar College ´17) shares her exciting plans for this summer


What are your plans for this summer before you join Vassar?

I’m conducting a month-long dance workshop at Calcutta Blind School Behala for 50-75 students with disabilities ranging from extremely low to no vision.

I’m Regional Head for East India for the Indian International Model UN(IIMUN) , which is Asia’s largest MUN conference being held at the World Trade Center in Mumbai. This involves a lot of running around and meeting with schools and sponsors for the next few months. I will also be Chairperson of the Historic Security Council at the conference in August. I have been appointed Secretary General for IIMUN Kolkata, which is set to be held in July.

I’m conducting public speaking workshops at some schools in Calcutta till August and teaching ballet to girls aged 5-9 at Flash Fitness Dance Studio on Camac Street every week. 

I also want to learn how to cook because I won’t survive 4 years without Indian food.

What did you find most challenging about the college app process?

Editing pieces to suit the word limits without compromising what I liked about them. 
I procrastinate a lot so I had a hard time sticking to deadlines. 

What was your SAT and Subject Tests prep strategy?

I prepared for SAT for around 3 weeks and gave as many mocks as I could. I didn’t attend any classes or preparatory courses for the SAT. 

How did your college list change over time?

My college list didn’t change much over time. I figured after the application process that I may have applied to some schools that I wasn’t truly a fit for and weren’t a fit for me. But I applied there anyway. Needless to say, I didn’t get into those schools. 

What advice would you give future applicants?

In the frenzy of extracurricular activities and other achievements, remember to keep your grades solid. They are the backbone of your application. 
If you’re asking for aid, be realistic about your college list.

What you looking forward to the most about college?

Definitely the courses. 

What major/s are you considering? 

Politics and Economics. 

What excites you about the courses you'll sign up for?

I’m looking forward to the intimate class sizes at my college, study abroad programs and some specific courses in the International Relations department. The professors in the Pol Sc department are phenomenal. I’ve been reading about them over the last few weeks. 

Vassar has an open curriculum so I’m thrilled about the opportunities for academic exploration. I’m excited about new and different perspectives on the same course through a diverse class. I also look forward to making connections between different disciplines.