Sakshee Chawla (Smith, ´17) looks forward to the choices at college


What are you looking forward to the most about college?

I’m looking forward to an environment that gives me the kind of freedom to discover the area of study that I enjoy most, without any kind of restrictions on the courses that I wish to study.

What did you find most challenging about the college app process?

The most challenging aspect of the college application process was to be able to write an essay within a deadline - the creative juices almost never flow when you need them to! Every college requires a minimum of one essay, while some even require four, and that one particular essay needs to be written and re-written multiple times before sending it to a college, which is an extremely challenging task.  

What was your SAT and Subject Tests prep strategy?

Honestly, I wish that the Indian schools would educate parents and students on when to give the SAT and advise them on the Subject Tests that they should give.

How did your college list change over time?

Yes, it’s only natural for your college list to change over time as you continue discovering new colleges and courses that may interest you. For me, my college list would change almost every week!

What advice would you give future applicants?

I would only advise them to be more aware and gather the right information about what tests need to be given and whether they are accepted by your colleges. I would also advise them to work on their essays in an organized manner, knowing what the next step is.

What major/s are you considering? 

I’m undecided, but I’d like to major in either Psychology, Economics or International Relations.

What are your plans for summer? 

Doing absolutely nothing!