Shivank Tibrewal (Purdue University ´17) tells us how his college list evolved over time

How did your college list change over time?

At first, everyone including me thought of going to top colleges like UChicago. However, after a month of research one does come back down to Earth. Over time, after taking various facts like academics, location, brand value, costs etc one finally comes across his or her final list!

What did you find most challenging about the college app process?
I feel that the essays were the most challenging or tricky part of the college app process as one has to pay attention to the smallest of details. It is so difficult because one has to talk about himself or herself while keeping the essay interesting.

What was your SAT and Subject Tests prep strategy?

I feel the best way to conquer SAT is to read books or newspapers (the letters part) regularly. I had a really difficult time in the beginning ( 1780) but as I started reading I managed to improve drastically(2000) .

What advice would you give future applicants?
I would advise future applicants to make sure that their school grades are bright as they have huge value.

What are you looking forward to the most in college?
I am looking forward to the new culture I’ll be part of and the potpourri of personalities ill meet.

What major/s are you considering?
I’m doing a major in Computer Information and Technology. Similar to making the next Google. ( ;) )

What excites you about the courses you'll sign up for?

The load of research work involved in my course is exhilarating. Hope I change the present technology sometime soon.