ACT Prep

ACT Prep - 5 Great Apps to You On The Go

The first of an ongoing series to brief you about how to prepare for the ACT, here’s a curated list of apps you should have on your phone.

It’s a tall order to expect oneself to prepare for a test day in and day out which is why your phone can be most useful in ensuring you are on top of your prep.

ACTStudent by ACT, Inc.

From the makers of the test itself, here’s a great iPhone app to keep you on your toes. The practise questions are completely in alignment with the actual test questions. Keep yourself updated on your registration and scores online as well.

AllenACT by Allen Resources Inc.

With over 1000 questions in its bank, this iPhone app does most of the heavy-lifting so that you only have to focus on your studying. It tracks your strengths and weaknesses as well as adapts its questions based on your performance. For comprehensive test prep, you need not look any further.

ACT for Dummies

This well-designed iPhone app keeps you ready till test day with 150 practice questions and 2 practice tests, all under timed conditions. It offers many other useful features as well with test day countdown and the capability to mark questions for review later to help you on your way. 

ACT McGraw-Hill

From the famed McGraw-Hill, a long time publisher of educational tools, here’s an iPhone app with over 10 diagnostic tests and over 1000 questions. It has tools to help you formulate your ACT study plan and offers regular analytics of your scores.

ACT Math Test Prep by Allen Resources Inc.

Reportedly designed to make sure you get a perfect score, this iPhone app has a comprehensive test bank to keep you engaged every day.