Robots will always need us

Nicholas Carr writes about humans and robots, stating that that it seems obvious: The best way to get rid of human error is to get rid of humans. But that assumption, however fashionable, is itself erroneous. . Computers are wonderful at following instructions, but they’re terrible at improvisation. Their talents end at the limits of their programming. Human skill has no such constraints. Carr feels that we should view computers as our partners, with complementary abilities, not as our replacements

Read an excerpt of the article written by Nicholas Carr:

‘Human beings are ashamed to have been born instead of made,’’ wrote the philosopher Günther Anders in 1956. Our shame has only deepened as our machines have grown more adept. Every day we’re reminded of the superiority of our computers. Self-driving cars don’t fall victim to distractions or road rage. Robotic trains don’t speed out of control. Algorithms don’t suffer the cognitive biases that cloud the judgments of doctors, accountants and lawyers. more