Should There Be a Minimum Age for Writing a Memoir?

This article written by Leslie Jamison, he talks about Jonathan Yardley’s review of ‘Epilogue’. The question of the hour is : should there be a minimum age for writing a memoir? Yardley doesn't feel the need to have yet another memoir by a person too young to have undergone any such experiences.  What age gains in remove it loses in immediacy: The younger version of a story gets told at closer proximity, with more fine-grain texture and less aerial perspective. Jamison believes in all these versions of a story.

Read an excerpt of the article written by Leslie Jamison:

It seems silly to pretend that nothing meaningful happens to the young. Last fall, I read a piece in The Washington Post that I haven’t been able to shake. It was Jonathan Yardley’s review of ‘‘Epilogue,’’ a memoir by a 34-year-old writer named Will Boast about the experience of losing everyone in his family before the age of 25. Yardley’s string of angry observations — Boast couldn’t stop feeling sorry for himself! more