Learning about pathbreaking ideas at an artsy community of Oberlin College

Oberlin is not like other liberal arts college. It challenges students in different ways with experimental classes and an opportunity for students to take an unlimited number of classes grade-free. Situated in a small town in Ohio, this private liberal arts college is steeped in history and excellence. Oberlin was the first American college to accept women and minorities, and it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. That pioneering spirit has not faded. With diverse academic challenges ranging from cinema studies to neuroscience, "Obies" thrive on higher thinking and exploring their myriad talents. 

There are no requirements for freshmen at Oberlin, but general education requirements include proficiency in writing and math and nine credit hours in each of the three divisions—arts and humanities, math/natural sciences, and social sciences—plus another nine credit hours in cultural diversity courses, including a foreign language. Students are also required to take one-quarter of the semester hours needed to graduate outside their major’s division; those who shy away from math and science can satisfy distribution requirements by taking interdisciplinary courses such as “Chemistry and Crime.” Students must also participate in three January terms, during which they pursue month-long projects, traditional or unique, on or off campus. Academics therefore are competitive but social life is thriving. It isn't like a regular school, social life is built around discussions, poetry, and the occasional parties. All in all, Oberlin is one of the finest colleges in the country and will strive to make you a whole rounded person.