John Carroll University, OH


John Carroll University is a small private institution with a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,153, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 62 acres. The institution is a Jesuit school located just on the outskirts of Cleveland. The university emphasizes the importance of a Jesuit education, especially through programs such as the Institute of Catholic Studies, the Ignatian Spirituality Institute, and the Cardinal Suenens Center for Theology and Church Life. John Carroll undergraduate students can choose from more than 50 areas of study, and graduate students can study in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Boler School of Business.

Outside of the classroom, students at John Carroll keep themselves busy with a full events calendar. Annually, there’s the Christmas at John Carroll celebration, the Relay for Life cancer fundraiser, and a spring concert with a major musical act. On the weekends, students participate in Late Night at John Carroll, a program with events such as ice skating and themed dances planned for each Friday or Saturday evening. Student athletes at John Carroll can choose from more than 10 club and nearly 15 intramural sports. There are also roughly 20 Blue Streaks varsity sports teams that play in the NCAA Division III Conference. 

JCU offers very generous scholarships upto $30000 per annum and the cost of attendance is roughly $54000. 


University of Akron


Finally moving to Ohio, I started at the University of Akron (UA) was founded in 1870 as Buchtel College to serve the needs of the Akron, Ohio region as well as those of the Universalist Church. Since then, the university has transitioned to a public, non-denominational school. Akron has been dubbed the “Rubber Capital of the World”, and the university is now home to the largest and most diverse polymer research and educational program in the country. UA offers a total of 256 undergraduate majors as well as a six-year BS/MD program with Northeast Ohio Medical University. When students aren't studying, they have access to the school’s Student Recreation & Wellness Center that boasts a 53-foot climbing wall, a lazy river and a weight room. UA also has a vibrant Greek life with 850 members participating in 14 fraternities and five sororities. As a member of the Mid-American Conference, the UA Zips compete in NCAA Division I athletics. 

Here are some fun facts:

  • Akron is one of very few colleges that have a female mascot. Zippy the Kangaroo with a pouch.
  • UofAkron recently announced full tuition room and board for international students. Only public university that does this.
  • The regular Akron Guarantee Scholarship has an interesting upgrades plan which starts kicking in when students earn 30 credits or more.
  • Lebron James went to high school in this town.
  • The new President brings his long international career experience.
  • Biomimickry research lab and the corrosion engineering major seemed impressive with a promise of a high paying career.

Here is the class profile the class of 2019



Sampling "life of the mind" with University of Chicago students


University of Chicago is set right in the middle of Chicago City. The 200 acre campus is a around one of the largest and most vibrant city in world but the college is in no way a party school. It's made for true intellectuals. Just like the supplement essays on the application, academics is like no other university. Economics, sociology, and political science. The university boasts celebrity professors such as James Watson (nobel laureate and architect of the DNA Double Helix) and Steven Levitt (author of Freakonomics). The university has a burgeoning social life with 14 fraternities and sororities, Division III sports, intramural sports, and all of Chicago. However, even the people that thrive in the social scene are also all extremely success academically. U of C is the place to be if you want the best education in the nation with a great city life.

Read Ria Singh's brief review of her experiences at UChic. Ria graduate in 2017 with degrees in Economics and Visual Arts.

Here is the profile for the class of 2020

Photos from an earlier visit in April 2014.

It was great visiting Northwestern University yesterday.

Just like Boston, Chicago is an educational haven with some of the greatest institutions in the world. Northwestern is 12 miles away from Chicago but makes the city proud. The Big Ten private school is know for its strong undergraduate liberal arts program, engineering school, and journalism. No matter what stream of education you pursue, the rigor is intense. The school believes in providing students with a education that promises a better life post graduation. The music school runs a five year program that trains students in orchestra level music but also makes students pursue another subject. Hence, when students leave after five years, they have two BA degrees. The journalism school is one of the best in the country with professors who have time in both research but also in industry. The dorms are inviting and the food is delicious. Social life is dominated by greek life with 38% students going greek, though other options do exist. All in all, Northwestern is a school with a public school feel but with a private school education (and price). 

Walking around the beautiful Evanston area was a treat after the visit.

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago


School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is a private institution that was founded in 1866. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,843, and the setting is Urban. The student-faculty ratio at School of the Art Institute of Chicago is 11:1, and the school has 86 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Most students who go here get a bachelors in fine arts (BFA) in programs such as architecture, art therapy, photography and graphic design. Most students live on dorms in the city and love how close they are so much culture and food. Students also believe that the career center is helpful in finding internships and jobs after college. 

Know more about undergraduate admissions at SAIC



One of SAIC's many buildings in The Loop area of downtown Chicago.  

The fantastic exhibits at Art Institute Museum and nearly Millennium Park inspire future creatives. 

Join Arjun as he travels through the United States!

Trintiy University, San Antonio, Texas

Trintiy University, San Antonio, Texas

Arjun will be traveling for the International Association for College Admission Counseling conference 2017 held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The annual event is a meeting place for thousands of college counselors and admissions staff from universities around the world. Along with this conference, Arjun will also be going on tour and visiting about 20 universities. 

Follow our blog as we bring you snapshots of the conference as well as unique insights, tips, and pictures of the different universities in Midwest! 

Here is a list of colleges that Arjun will be traveling to: 

  1. University of Chicago
  2. Northwestern University
  3. School of Art Institute of Chicago
  4. University of Akron
  5. Case Western Reserve University
  6. John Carroll University
  7. Cleveland State University
  8. Oberlin College
  9. Baldwin Wallace University
  10. Hiram College
  11. Allegheny College
  12. University of Pittsburgh
  13. Chatham University
  14. Carnegie Mellon University
  15. Washington & Jefferson University
  16. Ohio State University
  17. Otterbein University
  18. Ohio Wesleyan University
  19. Kenyon College
  20. College of Wooster 

Trinity University, TX

Trinity is a small liberal arts college in San Antonio with a lot of money. With an endowment of about $1.3 Billion, the school is one of the richest small schools. This can be seen at the impressive infrastructure. All students live in suite style apartments and study in popular programs such as engineering, Business, and Computer Science. The university makes sure students get some career experience. Students get a summer stipend of $4,000 for internships in the San Antonio area. Housing is great and students love the food. Social life doesn't just stay inside college walls but extends into the beautiful city. College sports is Division III where tennis and soccer have the strongest teams. Trinity offers a great education, housing, and that wonderful Texas weather! 

Here are enrollment statistics for the class of 2020

Texas Christian University, TX

TCU embodies everything about Texas. A huge football program with immense college pride, a burgeoning social life with almost half the students in greek life, and a strong academic program. TCU has great programs in nursing, business, communications, engineering, and child development. About 40% of the students do research during their time in college while others get internships and part time jobs in downtown Forth Worth. Speaking of Fort Worth, the city provides a great space for TCU. About 60% of the students live off campus in the city and the social scene is big with bars, clubs, and restaurants. If you are looking for good programs in business, communications, and nursing then you might want TCU on your radar. 

Here is a link to TCUs college profile

University of Texas- Austin, TX

Started as a small college in the middle of a tiny town, UT Austin is now one of the largest institutions in a quirky, artistic, and liberal in the conservative South. The school is research oriented, professors are busy, and classes are big but students believe that they are getting a great education. Political and religious opinions really don't trickle down into the academic atmosphere even though historically those have been issues. Social life is booming with the university situated in Austin- a hipster town that is slowly becoming amazingly popular. Austin has coffee shops, vintage book stores, tattoo parlors, amazing barbecue, and a buzzing nightlife. Being in Texas, sports is huge with an athletic department budget of over $100 million. According to the Fiske's Guide to Colleges "The University of Texas may seem overwhelming because of its imposing size,but students say the school spirit and sense of community found here make it feel smaller. UT prides itself in having one of the most reasonably priced tuitions in the country." 

Here is a link to UTs Freshman Profile


Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is the largest technological university in New York. Founded in 1829, this private school has a total enrollment of just over 16,000 students. The school has campuses in the US, Croatia, Dubai, and Kosovo. The US campus has 9 colleges and 90 majors to choose from. The 1300 acre school has 2700 international undergrads with most of them taking courses in Computer science or business. The college boasts strong programs in CS, business and film studies. The film studies major has a bachelor in fine arts (BFA) degree option and a funding from George Eastman-Kodak. The institute is very career oriented with strong co-op programs. Rochester provides a good setting for the school as a college town filled with apartments, restaurants, and things to do outside of campus. RIT is a great school for film making and CS. And with opportunities to study in other RIT campuses, it can be a great investment. 

Here is an admissions profile about the Institute.

Cornell University, NY

Cornell is an Ivy League giant. It's known for its agriculture, architecture, and liberal arts programs producing great inventions and alum that they can be proud of. The school sets itself apart from other ivy league schools by focussing on becoming the best undergraduate research institution in the world. Professors are industry leaders, and classes are rigorous even for a genius. Ithaca is a beautiful college town that supports the needs of the school quite well. Along with this, the school boasts the Cornell Plantation, a 3,000 acre reserve of woodlands, apt for ecology research as well as hiking and picnics. Food and residential life is phenomenal. There are many dining options and the food is rated amongst the best in the country. Residential halls are community building with many taking part in the over 100 intramural teams that play each year. Cornell is a Division 1 school with strong teams in lacrosse, field hockey, and wrestling. If you want the best undergraduate research experience in the world, Cornell is the school for you! 

Here is the admissions profile for the Class of 2020

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, NY

Hobart and William Smith colleges provide a unique single sex college experience. Hobart is all men while William Smith is all girls however through a "co-ordinate system," Students from both schools eat together, study together, and even live together in co-ed residence halls, but also take advantage of unique traditions and programs generally reserved for single-sex establishments. Situated in the Finger Lakes regions of Upstate New York, the colleges have strong science and architectural studies programs, with about 30% of the student population majors in these programs. The college starts career planning from the first year with a first year career counsellor which helps conducting career assessments, and finding internships for the first summer-- something the institutions guarantee to each student. Social life is run by fraternities while there are no sororities. Geneva, the town near the school is equipped with the basics needed by every student but is no where close to the amenities provided by a large city. With a strong academic program and a focus towards life after college, Hobart and William Smith seems like a great choice.  

Here is the admissions profile for the class of 2020

Hamilton College, NY

Hamilton is a small liberal arts school in Upstate New York. It was founded in 1978 and sits around verdant greens. The college is proud of its open curriculum where students don't have general education requirements but can choose their own adventure. It has strong science and social science majors with Economics, Political Science, and Biology being the most popular programs. Students are involved in heavy research and a senior thesis. Students are fairly outdoorsy with hike trails all around the campus. Almost a quarter of the students are of color and social life is dominated by greek life. Going with the liberal arts trend, Hamilton is very giving when it comes to financial aid making the school great for academics and worth the money. 

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Colgate University

Colgate is a small private liberal arts college in Upstate New York, with a student population of less than 3,000 students. The college boasts great academics and a D1 sports scene, something that is rare amongst liberal arts schools. The 300 faculty members work alongside students through a teacher scholar method, where professors teach classes based on their current research. The most popular majors are biology, economics, history, and political science. The school is big on research with opportunities of academic travel and summer research projects. Social life is largely run by greek life, recruitment for which only begins sophomore year. Colgate provides a great academic experience with a vibrant social life and opportunities to shadow alumni. With new residence halls coming up, this college promises an amazing four years. 

Here is the admissions profile for the class of 2020

Union College, NY

Founded in 1795, Union College is one of the oldest nondenominational  colleges in the country. The 100 acre campus in the Upstate New York has deep roots in providing a sound liberal arts and engineering education. The school has a "T-shaped" learning model where students are provided with a breadth of knowledge in their first year and a more in depth curriculum following your sophomore year. The most popular majors are political science, math, and mechanical engineering. Students have a senior capstone research seminar, and have the opportunity to study in the summer with many publishing their work in academic journals. The college has an intensive writing course as well as opportunities to study abroad for a whole semester and during the semesters in special classes where the students and teachers take a 3-3.5 week trip abroad. Greek organizations run the social life with 42% of men and women in greek life. Sports are big as well with Ice Hockey being Division 1 while the other sports are Division 3. In all, Union College has a great academic program and is a great option for students who are interested in science/ technology and liberal arts. 

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Princeton University, NJ

A big name in education, Princeton is one of the smallest amongst the prestigious ivy leagues. With a 9% acceptance rate, students are not here to just learn but also share their knowledge- something the university prides itself with. Set in upscale New Jersey the school offers a variety of courses but its largely known for its arts and sciences courses with opportunities to study from the likes of people like Toni Morrison. Its an awe inspiring leaving even the smartest and brightest jaded. 

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Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN

Vanderbilt is a mid size private institute in the heart of the American South. "Vandy" embodies the southern hospitality situated in a 330 acre campus in the center of Nashville, the land of country music. The university has amazing academic programs in Music & Arts, Education, Social Sciences, and Medicine. The academic rigor is intense, residential life is great, and the city provides all of the amenities needed by a student. This makes Vandy higly selective and expensive though most students think its worth the price tag. 

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