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Ketaki Madaan (Pitzer College, '19)

Ketaki is studying Film Making at Pitzer College, a top ranked liberal arts and science college in Claremont, California. This summer, she was filming a documentary on the Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya. 

Our conversation with Ketaki brought out her passionate views on feminism and women empowerment. She also shared her experience of studying in Pitzer and living in a student community rich in international diversity. Check out Ketaki's independent and non-conformist views right below.

Rapid Fire Questions

Listen to Ketaki's quick replies on what makes her tick!


Ketaki shares her experience of filming a documentary.


0-3:30               How Ketaki got into Filmmaking 

3:30 - 6:05        Khasi Tribe Documentary Project

6:05 - 9:05        Matrilineal Society Of Meghalaya 

9:05- 12:42       Sustainability in the villages of Meghalaya 

12:42 - 16:45    Happiness And Simplicity in Culture 

16:45 - 21:30    Future Plans

21:30 - 25:17    Editing the Documentary 

25:17 - 35:00    Things Ketaki struggles with: Dominant Personality

35:00 - 38:45    What empowers Ketaki? 

38:45 - 48:45    Rapid Fire