Tanvi Bikhchandani - Columbia University

It was great working with you! Thanks for all the help, support and guidance. You made the application process so much easier and fun! Future students, you're in safe hands :-)

Karanveer Mohan - Stanford University

Thanks you for everything!! It meant a lot =)

Deepshekhar Gupta - Cornell University

I had a really great time with you, especially on the main essay. You made the entire application process fun and exciting.

Angad Bagai - Tufts University

Working with Arjun made the whole normally stressful college process so much simpler and manageable. Where to apply, the required foams, the essays all became mere questions one had to ask Arjun, as he was always able to give individualized advice. Thank you for every thing.

Varun Kanwar - Harvey Mudd College

To all you future college bound students. Arjun is the best. From SAT tips, to editing your essays, his inputs are unbelievably helpful. Thanks for everything Arjun. I don't think I would have got into (or perhaps heard of) Harvey Mudd. I had a really great time working with you!

Nikita Sachdev - University of Chicago

It was wonderful being with you. You gave me some of the best ideas for my essays. Thanks a ton.

Suhani Jalota -  Duke University

Arjun, you have been such a wonderful support! Thank you for listening to all my stories and experiences patiently and giving me your thoughts, inputs and suggestions on how to make them look fantastic on an application. :) 

Raghav Gupta - Carnegie Mellon University

You completely transformed my application and showed me how to bring out the best in my essays. I could have never done my applications so efficiently without you.

Ram Bhutani - Georgia Tech

The brainstorming sessions with you were always productive . You made the application process exciting and easy. Thank you for all the help.  

Priyanka Agarwal - University of Southern California

The experience you brought in from working with students in the past was the thing that was most valuable to me. Thanks a lot for everything, Arjun!

P.S. I got into Boston University & Babson College too. 

Arpit Garg -  Rice University

It was wonderful working with you. Without your advice and guidance the admission process would have been so much harder. Choosing Rice over Duke was one of the best decisions of my life and this would have been impossible without your inputs. Thanks for everything.

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