Check out Abeer Saha's (UVA '13) short Activity answer analysis.

Here's what Abeer submitted as his short answer:

"Everyday I wake up early, go to school, play my guitar during the break, sing a song during lunch, practice with the band after school, go for my weekly music lesson, study for a while, entertain my best friend with my latest song, listen to music while I do chores, and finally fall asleep to the beats of the latest frenzy in the music world. I am the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the school band and have represented the school in many competitions. I have performed outside school, in malls and clubs. I also learnt the violin for two years. Everything I am and everything that I believe in is a part of my music. I express myself and often find myself in the lyrics and rhythms that I create. My music reflects my ideals and passions. My songs speak to me and they also speak of me."

Abeer's reflection on his short answer:

Why I wrote about music? That's easy, its a defining part of who I am! While in school, I was a member of the basketball, and cricket team, and also an editor for the school magazine. So, between sports, and writing/editing pieces, I had a lot I could have spoken about in my short essay; but I chose music. Reading my answer after a whole year now, I don't like the very 'ordinary' beginning too much. I could have probably made it more interesting! But what I do like is how I ended it - and I think that's important in any piece you write. It's easy when you pick an activity that you love. Then it's easy to talk about and the reader can sense your commitment to what you've written. Lastly, put yourself in the readers shoes, and then read it one last time. If YOU were the reader what would YOU think?