Check out Dev Bhartia's activity essay (Dev was admitted to Stanford in 2009)

Here is Dev's activity short answer:

"The temptation to think and the passion to express attracts me to debating. Even, when I was too young to understand the essence of debating, I was mesmerized by speakers on the podium mainly for their conviction, vigor and diction. Speaking gives me a sense of freedom, and an opportunity to express myself. It gives me an outlet to connect and communicate with others and to understand and appreciate different perspectives on various issues. Debating is a passion which has altered the way I think. It has perhaps taught me the most important lesson of all, that listening is more important than speaking. Today I stand as President of the College Debating Society, yet even now I speak not to achieve but to fulfill, I speak not for compulsion but for passion, I speak not because I should but because I want."

Why did you choose to write on this topic?

I chose it because it was the most defining part of my high school life. Moreover, it was my passion and something I was very interested in.

Which other activities did you do while in High School that you could have written about?

I was involved in playing tennis, and in mock UN events. I even touched into social service activities.

Which parts of the short answer do you like?

I like the ending the most. It sounds nice, and is very true. I believe it provides the punch in the article.

Looking back how would write this differently?

I feel I could have made it a bit shorter. The sentences could have been more crisp.

Which parts would you change?

I would remove the line 'debating has altered the way I think.'