EdBrand Happiness Survey

How happy are students with their colleges and EdBrand?

We recently conducted a small survey amongst our past students to understand how happy they were with their respective colleges and to analyse what they thought about our services. 

The brief results are illustrated below:

Right Fit 09.07.18.png

We strongly believe in working with students to get them to their Right-Fit College.


A Right-Fit college envisions a social and academic environment, which matches a particular student’s personality. This match implies a higher chance of growth and success for the student.


Based on feedback from our students, almost 93% of them believe that they are at a Right-Fit College.

College Type 09.07.png

Safety Colleges are the ones where a student is likely to get into without much effort. Match Colleges are where the student should get into if they realise their full potential while applying. Dream Colleges are where the students can potentially get into if they excel beyond their current capabilities.

Based on our feedback, almost 94% of our students got into either their Match College or their Dream College


This means that almost 94% of our students realised or enhanced their application potential, while working with us. 

Happiness with College 10.07.18.png

EdBrand Feedback: What do students think about our services?

Preparation 09.07.18.png
Word Cloud_EdBrand.png

These were the words used by students to describe their engagement with us. The most common description was “Engaging and Conversational,” with almost 80% of students using that term. The other important descriptions based on their frequency were: Empathetic, Care and Attention, Personal Development.