University of Texas- Austin, TX

Started as a small college in the middle of a tiny town, UT Austin is now one of the largest institutions in a quirky, artistic, and liberal in the conservative South. The school is research oriented, professors are busy, and classes are big but students believe that they are getting a great education. Political and religious opinions really don't trickle down into the academic atmosphere even though historically those have been issues. Social life is booming with the university situated in Austin- a hipster town that is slowly becoming amazingly popular. Austin has coffee shops, vintage book stores, tattoo parlors, amazing barbecue, and a buzzing nightlife. Being in Texas, sports is huge with an athletic department budget of over $100 million. According to the Fiske's Guide to Colleges "The University of Texas may seem overwhelming because of its imposing size,but students say the school spirit and sense of community found here make it feel smaller. UT prides itself in having one of the most reasonably priced tuitions in the country." 

Here is a link to UTs Freshman Profile