Case Western Reserve University, OH


The Midwest is not only known for corn fields and manufacturing plants, some of the best college towns are here too and Case is definitely one of them. Situated on the eastern side of Cleveland, Ohio the university boasts excellent engineering, biology, and management programs along with access to over 40 different hospitals, research institutions, and museums. The town while small is beautiful and well connected. An MTA pass allows a student to unlimited buses for $25 a month though most students find most things to be at walking distance from them. The Cleveland Museum of Art is one the largest museums in the country with one of the most extensive collection of South and South East Asian artifacts. While there is a booming greek life scene, it does not run the social atmosphere at college. Weekdays usually have lots of on-campus events ranging from barbecues to multicultural performances and dinners, intramural events, and concerts with cheap wings and beer. All in all, the school is big with strong science and management programs-- definitely built for someone who wants a city feel but still doesn't want to be overwhelmed by it as well. 

Here are some of the factoids from the information session I attended this morning:

- roughly 185 international student received financial aid.  

- Roughly 25000 applied, 8500 were admitted and 1300 enrolled.