CMU offers pre-professional training to driven students.


Carnegie Mellon University is a private institution that was founded in 1900. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,454, with a campus size of 149 acres in the middle of Pittsburgh. The university is best known for its amazing computer science and engineering programs. Even with over 6,000 students, most classes are small with about 30 students on average. Programs are rigorous not only in the sciences but also in the liberal arts. 

All the colleges, however, share the university’s commitment to what it calls a “liberal-professional” education, which shows the relevance of the liberal arts while stressing courses that develop technical skills and good job prospects. Humanities and social science types can major in applied history, professional writing, or information systems, for example, instead of traditional disciplinary concentrations. The Science and Humanities Scholars program allows talented undergrads to develop a course of study based on their interests in the humanities, natural sciences, math, or social sciences. In addition, the Fifth-Year Scholars program provides full tuition for outstanding students who want to remain at Carnegie Mellon for an additional year to pursue more studies that interest them.

Academic rigor makes social life difficult must most students love being here. The city provides a safe haven to get out when students aren't studying or doing group projects. Get ready to study hard and then some more! 

Here is the class profile for the class of 2021