Allegheny College, PA produces driven kids who are doing pathbreaking research.


Allegheny College is an Ohio-eqsue liberal arts school with a New England-esque architecture in Pennsylvania. The 79 acre college is known for its impressive science programs with a 283-acre research reserve, and an 80-acre protected forest that are extensively used for science based research. The school’s strongest programs are in environmental studies, the sciences, and international studies. A major in biochemistry, a chemistry curriculum, and a track for students interested in entrepreneurial and managerial economics. Co-op programs include a 3–2, 3–3, 3–4 option leading to degrees in engineering, public policy and management, nursing, and allied health. The college has a fascinating experiential learning program where students spend 2-3 weeks in a country abroad learning along with an instructor. In 2017, the courses offered were in countries such as Germany, Cuba, Greece, and Italy. 

Meadeville, the town in which the college sits in is welcoming and supports the institute. Social life is traditional and run by greek life. Nearby state parks, Conneaut Lake and Lake Erie offer waterskiing and boating in warm weather and cross-country skiing in the winter. Twenty-five percent of Allegheny students participate in varsity athletics, while fiffty percent of students participate in club, recreational, and intramural sports, with basketball, soccer, and volleyball drawing the most interest. Allegheny offers a great small school education with a fun social life that extends outside of the dorm rooms. It's worth the money! 

On the bus tour in July 2017