Check out this small eclectic community of Hiram College, OH.


 Hiram is the smallest of liberal arts in Ohio. Set atop a hill, the college aims to provide the best education with strong research opportunities both at the college and abroad-- a perk that almost 50% of the students take. The Hiram Plan allows students to cover a breadth of material in three courses during each semester’s longer 12-week session and to focus on a seminar-style class during the additional three-week term. Even non-seminars are small, though; 95 percent of Hiram’s courses have 25 or fewer students, allowing for an impressive degree of faculty accessibility. According to the Fiske's Guide: "Hiram offers several unusual summer opportunities, most notably the Northwoods Station up in the wilds of northern Michigan, where students choose courses ranging from photography to botany and geology to writing. And Hiram is the only affiliate college of the Shoals Marine Lab, run by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire, which offers summer study in marine science, ecology, coastal and oceanic law, and underwater archeology." These opportunities makes biology, chemistry, and psychobiology one of the strongest programs offered by the college. 

Social life does not revolve alcohol as the dorm rooms are dry and strict about those rules. This means student hang out in dorm rooms while over age students can enjoy the student pub with alcohol and pizza. All in all the college is a great small school with a challenging academic program and a typical college social life.