Large public school with an amazing support staff for international students, Ohio State University stands out as research powerhouse in the region


Ohio State (OSU) is the biggest college that I have been to this trip. With 35,000 undergraduates and about 60,000 total students, OSU is a mammoth institute. Located in the heart of the state’s capital, offering 19 colleges and more than 10,400 courses in 175 undergraduate majors; with the strongest programs in Business, Premed, and Engineering.  If those numbers aren’t staggering enough, consider the fact that OSU has 39 varsity teams, nearly 50 intramural sports, more than 50 sports clubs, and the third largest campus in the nation. This is the true definition of a big American school where opportunities and resources are endless/ Students take classes very seriously with some of the best professors in the country teaching them. While introductory classes are large with teaching assistants holding tutoring sessions, the classes do get more intimate once you choose a major and take higher level classes. 

Such a large student market has, of course, produced a strip of bars, fast-food joints, convenience stores, bookstores, vegetarian restaurants, and you-name-its along the edge of the campus on High Street, and downtown Columbus is just a few minutes away. “Columbus is a vibrant town,” says a junior. “There are concerts, plays, sporting events, as well as shopping throughout the city.” The fine public transportation system carries students not only throughout this capital city but also around the sprawling campus. In addition to the usual shopping centers, restau- rants, golf courses, and movie theaters, Columbus boasts a symphony orchestra and ballet; a budding broadway tour city, a soccer team with one of the best stadiums in the country; a hockey team; and OSUs very own football and basketball teams which are one of the best in the nation.

All in all, OSU boasts a breadth of academic programs and a vibrant social life. If someone is looking for a school that promises the "American College" experience, look no further. 

Here are some quick facts about the college